South Post Oak

  • YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : South Post Oak, Houston
  • CATEGORY : House
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Andrus' Bezden
  • VISUALIZATION : Sasha Hamolin

The difference between a house and home lies in several key qualities. A home needs to offer peace, tranquillity, comfort, security, and love. The breach between the two can be vast. To bridge them, to introduce all the key qualities, we needed to consider the delicate balance between function and comfort. To reach that equilibrium, it is imperative that a house has everything that its tenants need. It is essential, in other words, to facilitate the transition from a simple house to a welcoming home.

It is to this effort that we have given our whole attention when we were drawing up the perfect plans to build the perfect home for this property. First, we closely surveyed the land sitting on 983 South Post Oak. Once we knew the lay of the land, we thought of ways to build a custom house with the key ingredients needed to turn into a home. Then, we decided on the best materials to realize our dreams. Everything else came naturally. A few short months later, we had finished working on the perfect home.