9705 Larstone


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  • YEAR : 2008
  • LOCATION : Houston, Texas
  • CATEGORY : House
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Andrus' Bezden

When we were contracted to build the lot at 9705 Larston, we proposed creating a multifunctional space where family members can decide how to best use their house. Whether a room is converted into a home office, a gaming room, a bedroom, a guest suite, or a drawing room, the choice would belong to the occupying family. It was this vision that we went ahead and built this house, and it has been this vision that has always guided our work. Anything else would be unacceptable and substandard.

Multifunctional houses make for the best homes. This is because homes have several functions in our lives, each unique to our needs and wants. Which is why we firmly believe that each household should have the ability to decide for itself on how its house is to be purposed. It is the only way for a house to serve the whims of its owners, rather than the other way around. When we think of home, we think of where we live, as setup to serve us. No house could possibly ever meet this requirement if it is not multifunctional.